The new Photo Studio
for hire in the heart of Rome.

Our photo studio, situated in the heart of Rome, was conceived to function primarily as a photographic set with a distinctively industrial character. The abundance of natural light and the ample space make it ideal for photo shoots and video productions.

Lighting and photographic semi-limbo.

The versatility of the studio space is further enhanced by the possibility to choose between naturally lit or completely darkened sets, catering to the needs of any project. A distinctive feature is found in the 9X5 meters semi-limbo, a curved wall that can be used a projection backdrop, creating an impeccable background for any type of framing.

Confort Zone

Fitted with the most up-to-date technology, the Photo Studio ensures your comfort thanks to an innovative climate control system, which is integrated with a piped music sound system that will allow you to create any desired atmosphere during your sessions.


In order to guarantee the safety of your equipment, the Studio is fitted with an armoured closet and with an anti-theft system that will guarantee your peace of mind during the Studio rental period.


The ceiling, 5 mt height, houses a metal structure articulated in six mobile modules that can be moved both horizontally and vertically. The modules are designed to support lighting and flash equipment weighing up to 30 kilograms each, guaranteeing safety and versatility for any kind of shoot.

sala posa roma set fotografico

Portale Ostiense
is a multi-functional and transversal location

A strong cultural and commercial vocation, available for temporary rental. The space comprises three levels:
  • On the ground floor we find the main area, about 130 square meters of space with a height of 5 meters.

  • On the floor - 1 a wood and led sculpture contains the facilities: two guest bathrooms, a staff bathroom, a dressing room with two makeup stations and a shower, a storage area. Outside the structure a space of about 40 square meters can be used fot small conferences, workshops, meetings, back office.

  • On the 1 floor a terrace of about 130 square meters with a view of Via del Porto Fluviale and the operational office.

Maximum capacity (people)
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Total Sm
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portale ostiense piantina 1

Ground Floor

portale ostiense piantina 0

-1 Floor

pianta terrazza Portale Ostiense

+1 Floor

Whether you wish to rent the location for a simpler project or for a more complex endeavour, our Studio in the heart of Rome represents an excellent solution for professionals looking for a functional and well equipped space.


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